Plumbing & Pipe Fitting Fabrication

Piping Fabrication

Matherly Mechanical Contractors, LLC’s pipe fabrication shop primarily serves the company’s needs on industrial and commercial fabricated assemblies. Piping assemblies can be fabricated according to your special requirements, and shipped to the jobsite for installation by our field installers. This assures you the highest quality in fabrication.

  • Computer assisted design and drafting
  • Purchasing, scheduling and production¬†coordination
  • Assistance for on-site installation or¬†consultation

Semi-Automatic and Manual Welding of all Metals:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Hastalloy
  • Stainless Steel

Plumbing Fabrication

Design & Construction

The decision to utilize fabricated plumbing modules should be made in the pre-design or design stage. For this reason, they are particularly effective on design/build construction projects. Matherly Mechanical Contractors, LLC can assist architects, engineers, owners and general contractors in developing configurations which best utilize space, and create construction cost savings.

  • During the design stage, exacting standards are set for module construction
  • Each module is customized according to the type of construction, room configuration and number of units needed
  • Contractors representing other trades are called in to assure that the module and its installation are compatible with their needs
  • A prototype is built for inspection and approval, avoiding problems prior to production
  • Fabrication means more efficient utilization of craft skills and fast on-site installation

Fabrication Procedure

Plumbing systems are modularized in the fabrication plant, rather than constructed on the jobsite, assuring greater quality control and significant savings.

  • Mass production means increased material purchasing power and reduced material handling
  • All pipes are cut in advance of need and stored for use
  • Jigs are constructed to assure exact replication of copper, plastic, and iron pipe module components
  • Craftsmen join pipe and fittings in assembly line operation

Quality and fast construction are assured throughout the procedure. Modules are stored in the Matherly Mechanical Contractors, LLC’s warehouse until such time as the jobsite is ready for their installation. They are then transported to the jobsite and connected to water and waste risers. Because on-site installation of the completed module is faster, other trades can get on and off the job sooner, saving additional construction time and money.

Application is beneficial where there is extensive repetition, such as:

  • Hotels, condominiums
  • Office buildings
  • Sports complexes
  • Hospitals, medical office buildings, long-term care facilities

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